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Auto welding helmet,
with Grinding switch on the outside for convenient operation,
Designed to be worn with 3M masks
Adjust shade 9 -13
Auto lense has shade and sensitivity adjustment,

New 2010 model,
Suiable for mig welder, plasma cutter, arc welder, tig welder,

Comfortable and convenient to use.
The mask is made of special Nylon , and has high strength and operation temperature for welding.
Ample mask space ,safety structure , excellent face protection from welding.
Use high quality LCD and multilayer optical interference filter.
Provide clear view and permanent UV/IR protection up DIN 15
Power supply by solar cells ,no battery change required.
auto darkening filter dimension : 110x90x8.5mm
Mask and auto darkening filter meet with CE and ANSI standard.
Operation temperature : -10 C-55 C (14 F-131 F)

One year back to base warrenty,
we also sell speedglas and cigweld helmets,


Flip front Auto Hemet with shade adjustment


StandardAuto lense Shade 10 fit   normal welding helmet,











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